Flame Retardant Liquid (Fabric)
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Fire Retardant Paint for Absorbent Fabric Material

Flame Retardant Liquid for Fabric , Paper & Artificial Plant (Absorbable Material)
Avoid flame spread. Fabric washable up to 6 times.
Colour :
Test Standard : BS5852 Part 2 & 14. Class 0/1

Flame Retardant Liquid [For Fabric & Artificial Plants]

3-2-1 [Standard] : For all materials to be dry cleaned.
3-2-1 [Washable] : For bed linen and other fabrics that require regular washing.
3-2-1 [Special] : For Artificial flowers and synthetic materials.

Method Application

Envirograf 3-2-1, 3-2-1W & 3-2-1S are clear odourless liquids for spraying onto most absorbent materials, including paper, card, carpet, cloth, polyurethane, upholstery, curtains and mattresses.
They are safe to use and have been tested and approved for use on children’s bed.
Treated items can be dry-cleaned and remain fireproof.
When affected by flame, treated materials will turn black but will not hold a flame.
Items treated with 3-2-1W can be washed up to eight times before they need re-treatment.
Standard 3-2-1 can be sprayed onto real or artificial Christmas trees to protect them from fire.

Performance & Test Standard

3-2-1 & 3-2-1W : Part 2 & 14(1982) Cribs, Class 0/1, BS4790(1987), BS5665(1989), BS5852 (1990), BS5867 Part 2(1980),
    EN597-1(1995), BS5438(1988), BS7175(1989), BS6807(1989), BS7177(1989), BS6809(1989).
    EN71(1988 & 1994) plus BS5865(1989)
3-2-1S : BS5852 Part 1(1982) – On nylon and plastic foliage.

*Not harmful to children or adults.
*CAA approved.

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